Requirements ​for Confirmation

and First Holy Communion

Be In 3rd to 12th

You must be in grades 3rd through 12th.


Be a Baptized Catholic

Each teen must make a serious effort to attend the YDisciple classes that are offered.

You must make an effort to attend Mass on a regular basis.

Attend Class

Attend Mass

Attend YDisciple

Attend Mass

watch Videos

You must watch the videos provided through youtube.

After you watch each video you must complete the corresponding worksheet.

Part of being a Catholic is helping out around the house and contributing your gifts and talents to your family.

There are several retreats offered throughout the year. You must attend one.

Help out at home

Complete the worksheets

Attend a retreat

Pick the name of a saint whom you relate to well and do some research on it.

Pick a person who will keep you accountable and lead you in the faith

There will be a reharsal prior to the morning of the Sacrament Mass that must be attended.

Receive The Scaraments

Attend the Sacraments Mass and receive the Sacraments!

Choose a confirmation name

Choose a sponsor

Attend Rehearsal